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New Moms May Want to Avoid These Nursing Habits to Save Newborns' First Week of Life

Prone nursing may increase risk of SIDS

A new study shows that while encouraging the practice of "Back-to-Sleep" for all infants back in the '90s has decreased SIDS overall, it has not done so for newborns in their first week of life. Here are some surprising nursing habits new moms may want to avoid during a newborn's first week of life.

Uterus Transplant Resulted in First Birth Miracle for United States Soil

Miracle birth

Every birth is a miracle from the moment the voice of a new soul throbs in the air. Today at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas the medical team got to witness the modern birth miracle of a uterus transplant for the first time in the United States.

Which was worse the first time giving birth or the second?

Preparing for childbirth

Several moms in Mommy Connect (I'm Prego and Beyond) Facebook groups share their experiences with their first and second childbirth. The discussion is very interesting and may help other pregnant women. I decided to share some parts of it to help married women who are pregnant and preparing for giving birth to a child. So here are the differences between the first and second pregnancies, if there are any.

The Straight Truth: What Really Happens During a C-Section?

C-Section delivery baby

“We are going to have to deliver the baby by C-Section.”

When a pregnant mom-to-be hears those words from her doctor or healthcare provider, she undoubtedly faces many fears and uncertainties. Will the baby be OK? Is it dangerous? How will she manage the pain and recovery? What about the scar?

C-Section Delivery Side Effects and 15 Things Nobody Tells You

childbirth and c-section side effects

Before heading to the hospital, find out c-section delivery side effects and 15 things nobody tells you. There are mixed feelings when you discover you need a c-section. Sometimes you find out in the delivery room like I did with my first child. Other moms know ahead of time. Either way, you soon realize surgery will be part of your birthing process.

15 Reasons I Chose Home Birth

Home Birth

Giving birth is a very important process to a lot of women. It is single-handedly (in my opinion) the most empowering thing a woman does in the course of her life. Some women want choices when it comes to the labor and delivery of their children, which is why home birth is such a great option for many of us!

A little dextrose can protect newborns from low blood sugar

A newborn baby

Neonatal hypoglycemia is a common metabolic problem in newborns which can have major long-term consequences including neurologic damage. Researchers have found just a single dose of dextrose gel can decrease a newborn's risk of getting neonatal hypoglycemia.