Are All Supplements Created Equal?

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Dietary, Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

Supplements continue to appear on the market, claiming to be the answer to all nutritional and weight control needs, but are some better than others?

Supplements are neither regulated nor tested by the government for safety or effectiveness. Consumers need to pay a great deal of attention and do some research before buying supplements. Here are tips that might help you spot questionable products.

Avoid supplement products that

  • Promote quick-fixes or guaranteed cures

  • Tout "all natural" aspects. Many harmful compounds are "all natural"


  • Lack research to support their claims

  • Attempt to impress you by using hard-to-understand medical terminology

  • Are special deals or available for a limited time only

  • Make unrealistic claims.

Consumers can also verify supplement companies through the Better Business Bureau or by searching government Web sites.

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