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Nutrients and Your Body: Supplement for a Supple Complexion

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Vitamins and Supplements

Studies indicate that many of us, even with great intentions, fall short of taking the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Even those who achieve this recommended goal can sometimes lack the required nutrients for optimal health. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals, work synergistically. This means that there is a cooperative action between certain vitamins and minerals, which work as catalysts, promoting the absorption and assimilation of other vitamins and minerals.

Are supplements the only answer?

One way to supplement is through the skin, as trace amounts of minerals can be absorbed through the skin's surface. However, this intake should be complemented with the a healthy ingestion of minerals through foods. A daily topical application of minerals can boost your overall mineral level. Evian Affinity created the Remineralising Cleansing Cream to nourish dry skin with Evian water, marula oil and a trio of minerals (copper, magnesium, and zinc). This unique formulation locks in moisture while replenishing the skin with moisture binding minerals from the outside in.

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Why are minerals important?

The body needs a continual ingestion of minerals to carry out everyday tasks and fuel each bodily system. Minerals are the catalysts for many biological reactions within the body, including muscle response and the transmission of messages through the nervous system. A deficit in minerals, essential fatty acids, and nutrients can also lead to an imbalance in the hydrolipidic membrane, the skin's protection barrier.

How do minerals affect my body?

Essential minerals are crucial to the growth and production of bones, teeth, hair, blood, nerves, skin, vitamins, enzymes and hormones. They also contribute to the healthy functioning of nerve transmission, blood circulation, fluid regulation, cellular integrity, energy production and muscle contraction. Every tissue and every organ system relies on minerals for normal function. Poor blood circulation, fluid regulation and cellular integrity will harm the skin by depriving it of nutrients and consequently skin can become puffy, dry, lifeless and saggy. Poorly nourished skin will also be more prone to damage and less capable of repair and restoration.

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