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Young Children Lack Vitamin D

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Young children have high rates of vitamin D deficiency, which don't show serious symptoms, but lead to health complications later in life.

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Researchers from Children's Hospital Boston examined 380 children aged from 8 to 24 months and found that 2 out of 5 children have vitamin D level in blood lower than the optimal level. 40% of those children have serious levels of low vitamin D dficiency, which is unacceptable because lack of vitamins can be easily fulfilled.

Researchers have also found that vitamin D deficiency is very frequent among overweight children. Vitamin dissolves into fat, leading to deficiency even if there is a proper amount of vitamins taken.

The problem is that vitamin D deficiency is a 'silent disease'. There are no serious symptoms alerting the deficiency, and most parents can simply be unaware of the problem. However, later in life vitamin D deficiency leads to numerous diseases, such as bone weakness, immune system weakness, diabetes, artery disease, kidney disease, and cancer. The most common early symptoms of vitamin