Boots Energy Super Strength Pill Boosts Energy

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Boots has developed a new supplement that boosts energy and helps those tired feel better.

The magical pill is called Boots Energy Super Strength CoQ10 and is based on natural co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 is a substance in human body that is responsible for producing energy from food.


Some people have decreased levels of CoQ10 due to age or other health conditions. The supplement will boost CoQ10 in those patients who lack energy and will make them feel fresh.

Boots offers money-back guarantee to those who take supplements once a day during a week and will not feel any difference.

Health experts have split opinions about the new energy supplement. Some of them agree that the pill will boost CoQ10 of the body and will help it to produce energy from glucose. Some other experts advise to spend time and money on healthy food, fruits, vegetables and exercise regularly to keep energy up.

Nick Bennett, Boots vitamins formulation expert said: "Many people experience lower energy levels as they get older or because of a hectic lifestyle. When our need for CoQ10 increases, supplementation can help to supply higher levels of CoQ10 than are available in the diet. Boots Energy Super Strength CoQ10 containing natural Kaneka CoQ10 is a way of boosting energy levels that can help people who lack energy to see results in a week."



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