Lack Of Vitamins Lead To Cancer

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Lack of minerals, vitamins may lead to numerous diseases such as dementia, stroke, cancer, according to a research conducted by Professor Bruce Ames, of the Children's Hospital of Oakland Research Institute.

Bruce Ames examined how junk food stuffed with calories causes micronutrient deficiency and leads to diseases. Lack of micronutrients damages DNA and cells, causing weakness to immune system. This leads to numerous diseases, mostly cancer.


"DNA damage increases on deficiency of each of the 15 micronutrients that have been examined in humans, primary human cells in culture or in rodents," said Ames. "These deficiencies are associated with cancer."

Among common lacking vitamins professor mentions Vitamin E, among common minerals magnesium. About 56% of US population lack magnesium, about 93% lack Vitamin E. Micronutrient deficiency commonly occurs among poor, teenagers, elderly and obese people. African Americans generally lack Vitamin D.

The solution Professor Ames suggests is regular intake of supplements (fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium) and vitamins. Healthy diet is also a very important issue. Junk food is so popular and easy to make nowadays, and people are always busy with daily routine, that only a small percentage of population of developed countries is ready to spend time on making healthy food. However, scientists are urging everyone to think about health and don't grudge efforts on health.

"A solution is to encourage MVM supplementation, particularly in those groups with widespread deficiencies such as the poor, teenagers, the obese and the elderly, in addition to urging people to eating a more balanced diet," said Ames.