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Findus Supplement Success Prompts International Distribution Partnership Search

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Findus Ltd. is looking for global distribution and fulfilment partners for its Mega03 Omega-3 supplement brand, which is supported by The David Beckham Academy world wide.

Offering his support for the product David Beckham comments: "To maintain fitness throughout life, whether you are an athlete or not, you need to consider a balanced diet, which is why Mega03 Omega-3 is a good fit for what we teach at the Academy".

Head of Findus Ltd and Mega03 Ltd, Geir Frantzen, commenting on the brand's success says: "We believe that, as manufacturers, we have a vital role to play in making the world a healthier place and the launch of Mega03 Omega-3 further underlines this ethos.

"We hope to spread this ethos globally with the help of strategic distribution and fulfilment partners."

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Currently available exclusively on-line the product has exceeded all expectations in its first six weeks. The company is looking for partners that hold a strong track record in the health sector to support Mega03 Omega-3 supplement sales globally.

Findus MegaO3 Omega-3 is based on a 100-year-old recipe and provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids in small, easy to swallow capsules thanks to the company's unique extraction process.

Manufactured using Omega-3 from oily fish, as opposed to the ubiquitous cod liver oil, Findus MegaO3 Omega-3 contains some of the purest forms of these marine fatty acids available - and the most readily absorbed too.

The new product is also one of the few that can boast being 100% from the sea. The capsule shells are made from fish gelatine (most capsules are made from animal gelatine), thereby combating concerns over toxins that are found in many oily fish, because the Omega-3 in the Findus supplement is taken from fish meat, not the liver, making it purer.

All the fish used in the manufacture of MegaO3 Omega-3 are from sustainable sources and fully traceable and, as if that wasn't enough, Findus MegaO3 Omega-3 capsules provide vitamins A, D & E as the antioxidants in these vitamins help maintain the freshness of the oils with the added bonus of providing further health benefits to the consumer.