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Get the Benefits of Turmeric with this Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe

Jul 13 2017 - 12:43pm
turmeric benefits latte recipe

You have likely heard the buzz about turmeric. This cousin of ginger, common in Indian cooking may be the most effective nutritional supplement you can add to your diet. Keep reading for my recipe for a delicious turmeric latte that you will want to drink every day.

Benefits of Turmeric

Foods that will cure leg cramps naturally

Jun 27 2017 - 10:48pm
Foods that will cure leg cramps naturally

A cramp is a sudden, severe, and involuntary muscle contraction or over-shortening; can cause mild-to-excruciating pain, and a paralysis-like immobility. It is frequent in people who exercise frequently, pregnant women and those with certain vitamin deficiencies. But, there are foods that will cure leg cramps naturally.

It has been reported that one of the signs that you are deficient of Magnesium, calcium, and potass

When Women's Hair is Falling Out Try These 3 Vitamins To Treat Hair Loss

Jun 15 2017 - 7:19pm
Vitamins for hair loss

Hair loss is a big issue, nobody wants to lose something that is such a big part of who they are and their image. Here’s a list of what may be causing your hair to fall out and the top three vitamins for women that help with hair loss.

Why is my hair falling out?

There are a few reasons why your hair is falling out, the biggest ones are:

2 things you should do that may help keep Lupus flare-ups at bay

May 22 2017 - 5:12am
 2 things you should do that may help keep Lupus flare-ups at bay

Lupus or systemic lupus erythematous is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue including: the skin, joints and many internal organs by mistake. While, the underlying causes of this disease are not fully understood, there 2 things you should do that may help keep Lupus flare - ups at bay.

Lupus disease has three main characteristics: a dysfunctional immune system, chronic inflammation, and a possible link with a viral infecti

Here is how you fix the nutrient deficiency found in rheumatoid arthritis patients that can suck the life out of you

May 16 2017 - 10:40pm
Here is how you fix the nutrient deficiency found in rheumatoid arthritis patients that can suck the life out of you

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic progressive disease causing inflammation in the joints and resulting in painful deformity and immobility, especially in the fingers, wrists, feet, and ankles. While, health professionals say that there is no cure for this auto-immune disease, a new study revealed that there is a nutrient deficiency found in rheumatoid arthritis patients that can suck the life out of you, and perhaps may be the cause of this chronic auto- imune inflammation.

A study to determine nutrient intake of patients with active rheumatoid arthritis, found that ratients with RA ingest too much total fat and

Science Comes Clean About The Disadvantages Of Sunscreen Use

May 8 2017 - 9:49pm

You may or may not have heard that chemicals in sunscreen cause cancer. While the debate on that issue continues, science knows one thing for sure: blocking the sun for fear of cancer has been proven not to be a disadvantage to health, according to new research.

Just As A Seed Rises Up To The Sun, So Do We

Could low vitamin D from sunscreen contribute to diabetes and other chronic diseases?

May 2 2017 - 1:32pm
Sunscreen linked to chronic diseases from low Vitamin D

Researchers have pinpointed a possible downside to wearing sunscreen that could be linked to the development of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and even Crohn's disease.

Multiple studies suggest low levels of vitamin D can be a trigger for the development or worsening of chronic health conditions.

The top 5 natural remedies that will help you heal eczema

Apr 19 2017 - 10:54pm
The top 5 natural remedies that will help you heal eczema

Eczema is a common form of dermatitis ( skin inflammation), which typically appears as an itchy rash on the arms and behind the knees. It can be debilitating, as children's constant scratching habits may cause secondary skin infections, that are more serious. Though eczema is attributed to family history, more often than not it is linked to environmental irritants and food allergies. So, what are the top 5 natural remedies that will help you heal eczema?

Before we discuss about the natural remedies that will help you heal eczema, there are 4 things you need to consider about skin disorders: 1) the gastro intestinal system has a role in allergies 3

The natural ways to help you treat depression and increase your energy levels

Apr 11 2017 - 10:15pm
natural ways to help you treat depression and increase your energy levels

People in the modern world lead busy lives, and little time is given to crucial things in life, such as appropriate nutrition. So the lack of appropriate nutrition coupled with life stresses are key factors on why so many suffer from depression, fatigue and other mental health issues. But all of that can be reverted by consuming foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help you treat depression, and increase your energy levels.

You don’t need to be wondering if vitamin supplementation does work, because science says it does work.

Larger doses of vitamin C may benefit treatment of the common cold

Mar 30 2017 - 3:33pm
Vitamin C

Researchers say that larger doses of vitamin C may be associated with a greater decrease in the duration of the common cold.

The common cold creates a great deal of misery and can be very costly in terms of absence from school and work. It often seems as if the best you can do for a cold is let it run it's course.

Vitamin D may be more important than known for ulcerative colitis

Feb 20 2017 - 7:20pm
Low vitamin D linked to colitis relapse

A new study suggests vitamin D may be more important than known for preventing ulcerative colitis flare-ups.

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an inflammatory bowel disease characterized by inflammation of the large intestine that can frequently relapse after being under control for a period of time.

This is why you could be one of the millions who needs more vitamin E

Jan 19 2017 - 11:45am
Millions of people may need more vitamin E, study finds

Researchers have discovered millions of people may be low in the antioxidant vitamin E. The vitamin is difficult to measure in the bloodstream for millions of people with metabolic syndrome. Are you one of the millions of people who needs more of the antioxidant for better health?

Metabolic syndrome affects approximately tweny-five percent of the world's population.

Is Vitamin E really a way to prevent pneumonia?

Oct 6 2016 - 3:40pm
Vitamin E and pneumonia

Results of a newer study suggests an antioxidant supplement that might help prevent pneumonia in older adults who are non-smoking. Could taking Vitamin E prevent pneumonia? Should you skip your flu and pneumonia shots?

But before you start taking vitamin E in hopes of thwarting pneumonia, or skipping your pneumonia shot, there are some things you should know.

Vitamin B for mom: Natural remedy for eczema in child

Sep 27 2016 - 9:16pm
A pregnant woman

A new Southampton study has shown infants whose mothers had a higher level of a specific type of vitamin B during pregnancy have a decreased risk of eczema at age 12 months.

Maternal nutrition is very important for the health of the baby. The risk of a child developing many conditions is associated with what type of diet the mother has during pregnancy.

Vitamin D for nursing moms may serve as a good natural remedy for babies

Sep 1 2016 - 7:35am
Vitamin D supplements

It has been observed in new research from the University of Otago the vitamin D status of babies may be improved when breastfeeding moms are given monthly high-dose vitamin D supplements.

The nutritional status of nursing mothers may have a profound effect on the well being of their babies. The vitamins and other nutrients mothers consume can be passed along to their babies.

Latest Update on Chinese Supplement Lead Warning

Aug 31 2016 - 8:22am
More cases of potentual lead poisoning found in this supplement

According to a recent update from the FDA, a Chinese supplement maker is expanding its recall of this supplement tablet that might be responsible for two deaths.

Earlier this month reported that the FDA had issued a new alert warning consumers that the dietary supplement company Ton Shen Health of Chicago, IL, recalled its Life Rising dietary

Remember to Take Your Vitamin Supplements? 6 Tips to Jog Your Memory

Jul 24 2016 - 12:47pm
remember to take vitamin supplements

Did you remember to take your vitamin supplements today? Let’s face it: you get busy and distracted and it can be darn easy to forget to take any of your natural supplements unless you set up a system or routine to help you remember.

Millions of people don’t remember to take their prescription drugs either.

Supplements - How to Get your Money’s Worth

Feb 12 2016 - 4:37pm
Supplements for Health

I started taking supplements when I was 18. I’m not counting the Flintstone or Chock’s chewable vitamins my mother gave me as a kid which was a probably a colossal waste of money as are most supplements. Yet the supplement industry is estimated at approximately 27 billion dollars in revenue.

The truth is, it’s difficult to find high-quality supplements. In addition, not all supplements are created equal. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is something to keep in mind.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Elderly Common and Can Be Treated

Jan 26 2016 - 6:03pm
vitamin B12 deficiency in elderly

It’s long been known that vitamin B12 deficiency affects a large percentage of the elderly and that it can play a significant role in several serious health conditions associated with this age group. Here’s some of the latest on vitamin B12 deficiency in elderly individuals, what to look for, and how to treat it.

A new study highlights the presence of vitamin B12 deficiency in elderly individuals in long-term care facilities.