New Surgical Devices Treat Neck Pain While Preserving Motion

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Neck Pain

Surgeons from the Spine and Back Center at Rush University Medical Center are now offering the first artificial cervical disc approved by the FDA and are studying additional new devices to help reduce pain while preserving the motion of the spine.


One of the primary problems causing back pain is the degeneration of one or several discs that provide a flexible cushion between the vertebrae. For many years, the most common surgical solution has been fusing the vertebrae together to stop motion in the area and reduce pain.

Spinal fusion is a highly successful operation for relieving symptoms; however it eliminates natural movement between the vertebrae. For this reason, surgeons are studying a number of artificial discs that are designed to replace the damaged disc and reproduce the biomechanics of the natural vertebral joint.

One of the new options for patients is the Prestige Cervical Disc, the first artificial disc commercially available in the United States for use in the neck.