Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest Endorses Toxin-Free Pain Relief

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Pain Relief Cream

For most players, life in the NFL is short. According the NFL Players association, "The average length of an NFL career is about three and a half seasons." NFL linebacker Willie McGinest has pushed beyond that average by more than 10 seasons and counting. Along with his relentless training regimen and love of the game, McGinest credits a healthy lifestyle that includes all-natural, toxin-free MyoMed.


According to McGinest, he's chosen to endorse the newly-released pain relief cream, MyoMed, for two simple reasons: It relieves pain better than anything else he's used, and it doesn't leave behind toxins to build up and hurt him later in life.

"After 14 years in the NFL," said McGinest, "I understand pain and how to put it away with MyoMed. Part of being strong on the line is being able to move free without pain slowing me down. Early in my career, I started working on natural ways to keep my body healthy and mobile. I wanted a good career in the NFL and a good life after the NFL. The long-term effect of managing my pain with MyoMed is simple - I'm going to live a long, healthy life."

MyoMed is available through health professionals, select sports shops, pharmacies, and online.