Join The Fight Against P.A.I.N. In Cyberspace

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Consumers can log on to the Internet and fight P.A.I.N. in a novel way by assisting the fictional scientist Dr. Albert Briggs and journalist Evelyn Bloom.

Through his research, Dr. Briggs uncovers a vast conspiracy by P.A.I.N. (People Against Internet Networking) to shut down critical Web sites used for social networking. But P.A.I.N. is moving too fast for Dr. Briggs and Bloom to stop it alone. They need help!

This innovative online game was developed by Bayer Consumer Care, the makers of ALEVE Liquid Gels, as part of the company's recent launch of this new product.


To begin, consumers can log on to Participants will assist Dr. Briggs and Bloom by viewing video clues and interacting with a series of social networking and other Web 2.0 sites that are under attack by P.A.I.N. P.A.I.N. can only be eliminated by clicking the hidden "ON" buttons found on the impacted Web sites.

"We are excited to be making this fun and engaging online game available to consumers," said Jay Kolpon, vice president of Marketing and New Business Development, Bayer Consumer Care. "We want participants to have an enjoyable and memorable experience that also leaves them feeling like they have made a difference in doing their part to fight pain."

That difference is through a charitable donation to be made by the company for each person who completes the journey to fight P.A.I.N. online. The donation will be made to The Conservation Fund, an organization committed to conserving the environment for America's future generations.

"At The Conservation Fund, we've spent the past 20 years protecting nearly 6 million acres of lands for hiking, climbing, swimming and more," said Kathryn Brown, vice president of marketing and communications at the Fund. "We're pleased to partner with Bayer, the makers of ALEVE Liquid Gels, as this product can make it possible for more people with pain to get outside and get active."


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