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Underwater Treadmill: Effective Or Contagious?

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Underwater treadmill could be more effective to slash fat, but some hygiene issues need your consideration.

As you know, while you are immersed in water, you can hardly move your legs and your arms. As water asserts more resistance or frictions which stops your legs and other body parts to move freely.

I guess you also have heard that swimming has always been considered one of the most effective work-outs to reduce body fat. Which the reason is the same, the resistance asserted by water against your body, will help increase a lot of your metabolism, while you’re moving against it.

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Hydro Physio - a company based in England has developed an underwater treadmill. While you’re running on this treadmill, the lower part of your body will be immersed in the water. This special treadmill allows you to program the water depth, the treadmill speed and the jet resistance, to give you a perfect drive towards slashing fat.

The Hydro Physio underwater treadmill lets user burn fat more effectively by increasing the user’s metabolism. It’s also claimed to be useful for those suffering from heart attack and stroke, or those at risk of getting high cholesterol, diabetes and stress. The machine is good for everyone, including adults, kids and even the elderly, which you can rely on to help you increase your mobility. And of course, it’s great for those who wanna build a muscular body, improve their strengths and cardiovascular endurance.

The downside of Hydro Physio underwater treadmill could be the hygiene issue. When used at a public gym, it’ll be horrible for the next user after it’s been used by some hairy sweaty guys. But I believe the machine could easily drain out the used water, and refill quickly with fresh water.

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You BELIEVE the water can be drained out and reused with fresh water?? You may want to get your facts straight before you try to damage a company's reputation.
It seems that the writer is defending the company saying he believes this may be done before the next person starts using this underwater treadmill. What is in here that may damage a company's reputation, in facat this seems to be defending the reputation and the treadmill.