MatchMaster Game Combines Fun With Fitness

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MatchMaster, associated with The David Beckham Academy, is the latest interactive soccer game that combines fun with fitness. This hand held soccer game tests the player's ability to develop their performance by managing a daily schedule and teaching children how training, eating right and rest leads to better health and athletic performance.


Designed for children ages eight and up, MatchMaster is available exclusively nationwide at Wal-Mart. This lightweight, easy-to-use electronic game will be available in royal blue and sky blue with a retail price of $19.96. The game offers seven virtual soccer games and four Infra Red games, allowing players to challenge others to become the ultimate MatchMaster.

"With over three million children in the US playing on soccer teams, the need for fitness education is prevalent," said Sean Mumbray, founder of MatchMaster. "As an avid soccer fan, I realized the market had plenty of virtual pet games but was lacking interactive, virtual sports games. Therefore, MatchMaster was created to merge my love of the sport with an informative game reinforcing the importance of a well-balanced life to improve athletic performance."

Players must select their "Daily Routine Planner" during select time frames, which includes choosing meals, training and sleep to cultivate a stronger virtual player. These key elements encourage children to maintain a healthy "Lifeline", which can be directly related to their daily lives, but in a fun and interactive way. The better coached player will perform at a higher level during the seven interactive training games allowing them to accumulate more points. Once the player masters the training games they can test their skills against another player using one of the four Infra Red challenges.

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