DNA Holds Key To Individual Fitness

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Sciona announced a fitness industry breakthrough with the introduction of the MyCellf DNA Fitness program. This revolutionary training tool analyzes an individual's genes and creates a genetic profile complete with recommendations for a completely customized DNA Fitness Action Plan.

Sciona's Chief Science Officer Dr. Rosalynn Gill said, "There are so many factors that influence our overall wellness. Heredity can influence fitness and response to exercise the same way your genes can affect your metabolism, diet, nutritional processing and lifestyle. The new MyCellf DNA Fitness program will revolutionize athletic training by allowing individual customization based on a person's DNA using the latest gene technology available."


How The MyCellf DNA Fitness program works: A sophisticated, confidential analysis of an individual's DNA is conducted with the proprietary Sciona Genostic Rules Engine software. Subscribers collect a sample of their DNA at home, using a simple cheek swab. In addition, they complete a detailed fitness and lifestyle questionnaire. After analyzing this comprehensive information, a personalized DNA Fitness Action Plan is created electronically and stored in a secure personal database available online. The DNA Fitness Action Plan makes training and lifestyle recommendations based on how an individual's body builds muscles, recovers from exercise, and utilizes nutrients. The DNA Fitness Action Plan assessment is based on screening for genetic variations in a specific set of genes that respond to physical activity, as well as nutritional factors that can impact health and well-being including: muscle efficiency, VO2 max, blood flow, exercise recovery, body composition and glucose utilization.

Peter Vitulli, CEO and President of Sciona adds, "There is a tremendous global interest in the science of Consumer Genetics. Consumers are embracing the concept of increasing athletic potential and optimizing their own well-being by personalizing diet and lifestyle based on their unique genetic profile. Basically, an individual's genetic makeup is fixed at birth but a person may be able to alter diet or lifestyle to significantly enhance athletic performance and increase overall wellness."

All information is kept strictly confidential and secured electronically using sophisticated encryption technology. DNA analysis is conducted in a CLIA registered laboratory adhering to strict HIPAA compliance guidelines. All DNA samples are destroyed after completion of testing and an individual's personal genetic information is kept anonymous and never shared with any agency, clinician or institution without an individual's express written permission.