Get Fit And Active In 2008

Armen Hareyan's picture

Following the excess of Christmas and New Year's celebrations, in coldlight of January leaves many people feeling less than positive aboutthe state of their health and fitness.


It's a cliche, but the New Year is a great time to make a renewed effort to improve your fitness and get healthy.

That doesn't mean joining a gym that you may only visit once or twice. Going out for a half-hour's walk, a 30 minute cycle ride or even doing the household chores can help you feel better about yourself and contribute to the 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five days a week that is recommended to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Welsh Assembly Government's Free Swimming initiative, which allows 16 year-olds and under to swim for free during the school holidays and the over 60s to swim for free throughout the year, is just one way to ease yourself back into exercise, so why not take the kids down to the local pool?


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