Finesse Introduces TruViu RDPD System

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Finesse Solutions released TruViu RDPD system for biotech R&D and Process Development (PD) applications. The system consists of an I/O tower and a pump tower, with an optional junction box and TruFlow gas manifold, namely, all the components required to control a typical R&D or PD bioreactor.


TruViu RDPD is designed to be flexible and modular with plug-and-play configuration, in order to maximize ease-of-use, simplify installation, and provide scheduled maintenance. The modular design allows TruViu RDPD components to be installed on, under, or above the laboratory bench, thereby permitting a significant footprint reduction and greater lab space efficiency.

TruViu RDPD brings the benefits of DeltaV reliability and scalability in an affordable package, and interfaces easily with the TruLogic Controller and TruBio software to deliver optimal bioreactor control. TruViu RDPD also delivers the competitive advantages of increased performance, efficiency and reliability, reduced operating costs and improved ease of use. Finally, TruViu RDPD utilizes state of art transmitters that enable sensor calibration algorithms and full sensor diagnostics.

"Customer response to TruViu RDPD has been overwhelming. They love the idea of a standard, configurable product, and now that our reliable hardware has been repackaged into an efficient footprint our biggest issue is keeping up with demand," said Alfy Riddle, VP Hardware.


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