As Interest Rises Toward Mayweather Fight, Boxing Injuries In Spotlight

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Fitness and sports related injuries are in the spotlight as newspapers show greater interest to Ricky Hatton, and Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas.

Boxing is a dangerous sport and a number of boxers have died during boxing competitions.


Number of injuries result in a boxing competition and being watchful to those kinds of injuries during this evening's Ricky Hatton, and Floyd Mayweather boxing fight in Las Vegas is advised to the boxers.

Boxing Injuries

  • Head Injury
  • Body Damage from Boxing
  • Eye Injuries from Boxing

"In the US legislation has gone some way to providing boxers with protection from exploitation and with health and safety monitoring and health insurance (e.g. The Professional Boxing Safety Act of 1996, The Mohammed Ali Boxing Reform Act'). Many medical professionals believe that further legislation is required to further protect boxers, especially professional in this sport. Many more would like to see boxing banned altogether," writes