Specialty Gym Helps Return To Healthy Lifestyle

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As America's health and fitness levels continue to decline, many of those in the worst shape are afraid to set foot in a "regular" gym to reverse their poor health because they somehow feel inadequate or overwhelmed and don't know how to begin.

For these individuals, boutique gyms that specialize in particular segments of the population may be the answer. Specialty gyms provide a more intimate setting for those returning to a healthy lifestyle -- or starting a fitness program for the first time. Personal training and individualized attention are key components of this new breed of gyms.


Bulldog Fitness, a gym franchise for kids only, capitalizes on the new exer-gaming trend to engage their young members. Playstation2 Game Bikes, the Treadwall (a rock climbing wall that moves with you), and DDR Dance Machines are favorites of their clientele.

Meanwhile, Irene Pastore of Senior Fit in New York City attests that "age is no excuse for infirmity." Her boutique gym focuses on the health risks associated with sedentary living as well as the threat a sedentary lifestyle poses to loss of independence. Personal training programs are designed specifically for seniors depending on their special needs.

"We feel that the segments of the population that need the most guidance often don't know where to turn. If America is going to reverse its current health decline, the public and healthcare industry needs to focus more attention on certifying personal trainers to address the unique needs of clients," says Dr. Sal Arria, CEO and founder of the International