Fitness Woman: Do you need a reason to get fit?

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Fitness walking is an excellent low cost workout. Women should do more fitness for better health.


Fitness against disease

Death and disease from tobacco is being replaced with obesity related diseases. This according to recent study of trends. Heart disease has become the number one killer of women. Obesity from inactivity and very poor eating habits are killing not only women but men also. More children and teenagers are becoming overweight and diabetic. In this article we will concentrate fitness on women and obesity.


First, lets look at the nutrition part of the growing dilemma. Fat from deep fried foods, bad cuts of meat and fats added in cooking compounded with sugar laded foods are the biggest culprit of the expanding waist. Start replacing that donut with an orange or apple. Eat chicken breast meat instead that fat laden bratwurst. Replace the potato chips with lite popcorn for a salty snack. There are web sites that you can check out that will help you in this area. Don't be taken in by some magic pill or potion to help you lose the fat. Cleaning up your eating habits is the best way. Generally the less processing the food went through the better it is for you. Example would be, an apple alone is better for you than apiece of apple pie.

Let's get active

Now let us touch on the lack of exercise and obesity. Do you have to train for a triathlon to get into shape?

Kevin Doberstein