Health Balance scale Makes In-Depth Analysis Of Your Fitness

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Health Balance Scale For Fitness

The Overall Balance scale from Japan’s National Electric takes fitness feedback much more seriously than any others. It gives you a combination of measurements including weight, BMI, the amount of fat under your skin, organ fat, how muscular you are, and your metabolic rate etc.

The fitness balance scale is not yet released, but it is dubbed kind of effective to help you avoid metabolic syndrome, which is the combination of syndromes that shows up as obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and even diabetes.


Based on the mentioned number of measurements, the device will tell you that whether you’re out of shape for your age on a scale of 1 to 5.

To use the Overall Balance scale, the user has to stand on the footpad and you can pull the screen up and hold it right in front of you. Or you can also place the sensor over certain areas of your body that you think they might be out of shape. It’ll precisely tell you the thickness of fat down to millimeter on that area.

Reported by Tech Chee Medical