Cardiac Patients Uninformed About Dangerous Food and Drug Interactions

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Cardiac Health

Cardiac medications mixed with certain foods and herbal supplements can endanger patients' health, especially in those taking multiple medications.


A paper by Nancy Chaytor presented today at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2005, co-hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, says there is a knowledge deficit in this area. Her presentation described many known food-drug interactions which clinicians should, but don't always, discuss with patients.

"It is vital that people taking cardiac medications are aware of these potentially dangerous interactions, and that they tell their doctor everything they are taking" says Dr. Beth Abramson, Heart and Stoke Foundation spokesperson. "Through my own research on complementary and alternative medicines I know that sharing that information is critical, but often doesn't happen."

"The way the body metabolizes medications and foods can result in a drug being either less effective or too potent