Cordless Mouse Measures Heart Rate, But Who Needs It

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Heart Rate Moitoring Mouse Vito W1

Asus has created a cordless laser mouse that measures your heart rate, but doctors question the of this computer mouse with heart measurement capability.

Basically the way this heart rate monitor mouse works is this: heart rate monitor in a mouse sends the data back to your computer to be displayed in a GUI. One doctor says surely this will add more stress, another one says indeed it will increase the calls to my office.


Here are the heart rate monitoring mouse's specs from Asus

Asus Vito W1 is an ergonomically designed cordless laser mouse which can measure and help users keep track of their heart rates while during daily computing.

Heart rate measurement using Asus HeartTouching
Heartbeats and stress indicator are shown with an easy way. Take a breath following the respiration instructions to relax.