Tips For A Heart-Healthy Season

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The holidays can be a hectic time. A leading cardiologist has 10 tips for getting through the season feeling healthier and less stressed.

"For most of us, even if we're healthy the rest of the year, holidays can really take a toll on our stress levels and diets," says Dr. Rita Redberg, director of UCSF Women's Cardiovascular Services and author of numerous books, articles and scientific papers on heart-health and lifetime wellness.


"The average person gains five pounds over the holidays, which is hard on the heart," Redberg adds. "That doesn't mean it's a lost cause, though. What's important to remember, any time we're trying to improve our health, is that even the smallest changes can have a big impact."

A heart-healthy lifestyle includes reducing fat and salt in our diets; eating more fish, fruit and vegetables; maintaining our ideal weight and getting plenty of exercise, Redberg says. And she agrees that this can be tough to achieve during a busy holiday season.

Among her tips: