Valentine's Day Traditions Can Be Good for The Heart

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A little chocolate, a glass of wine and intimacy are just the prescription for your heart

ANN ARBOR, MI - Chocolate, wine and romance aren't just the quickest ways to your true love's heart. A University of Michigan Health System cardiologist says these Valentine's Day traditions are also the way to a healthy heart.


"The spirit of Valentine's Day, with intimacy, a little wine, some chocolate, bringing home flowers or sweets, is a tradition we should follow throughout the year. It's one day of celebration that we should continue on a daily basis," says Melvyn Rubenfire, M.D., director of Preventive Cardiology.

Chocolate's little secret

Don't feel guilty if you bring home a box of chocolates for your sweetheart as part of your Valentine's Day celebration this year. "Chocolate has good antioxidants that are cardiac- or vascular-protective," explains Rubenfire.

These antioxidants


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