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Heart Patients Do Not Benefit From Vitamin B

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Vitamin B is found not to cut the risk of cardiovascular events among heart patients. Heart patients don't experience any improvements while taking vitamins in combination with common drugs.

A research by specialists from Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway was set up to examined the link between supplements and heart conditions, because it was believed that vitamin B can lower the levels of homocysteine in blood, which is an amino acid linked to heart disease and stroke.

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Researchers examined 3096 patients with coronary artery disease, who were admitted to Norwegian hospitals during the period between 1999 and 2006. The patients were undergoing a blood clot removal treatment to normalize heart blood flow.

Heart patients were divided into four groups according the treatment they receive. They were prescribed to different combinations of vitamin B6 and B12 in addition to main treatment. Patients were undergoing regular check-ups to understand how vitamin B affects their heart health. However, the study was stopped earlier than it was planned to because another study by Norway researchers linked vitamin B to increased risk for cancer.

From what researchers managed to gather, they concluded that the combination of vitamin B6 and B12 together with folic acids does not reduce heart risk, moreover, it increases the risk of cancer, but the increase was not statistically significant to rely on. Vitamin B really lowered the levels of homocysteine by 30%, but there was no improvement in heart condition.

Health Supplements Information Service - representing supplement manufacturers - criticized researches saying, that they are looking at vitamins as drugs. These studies want vitamins to cure diseases, but supplements are not aimed at curing the - they are nutritional supplements dedicated to enrich daily diet, not to be prescribed as treatment for serious diseases.