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SCAD: The Dangerous Heart Attack that’s Striking Healthy Young Women

Jul 20 2017 - 12:12pm
SCAD heart attack

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection — sometimes referred to as SCAD — is an uncommon emergency condition that occurs when a tear forms in one of the blood vessels in the heart. This frightening condition strikes suddenly, without warning, and is most common in young healthy women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, and you have probably never even heard of it.

What is SCAD?

These supplements and dietary changes will lower high blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels naturally

Jul 3 2017 - 10:31pm
lower high blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels naturally

According to the CDC, heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases are among the leading cause of death and now kill more than 800,000 adults in the US each year, and the two main reasons people have heart disease or stroke are: high blood pressure and cholesterol.Therefore, it is important to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels. So, here are supplements and dietary changes that will lower high blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels naturally.

There has been much controversy around the use of statin drugs, which are used to lower high cholesterol.

Should French Fries Be Called 'Death Fries' - A New Study on Fried Potatoes

Jun 14 2017 - 3:42am
Fried Potatoes

I have been calling French fries or fried potatoes ‘death fries’ for years since I gave up carbs in 1977. Other carbs like sugar and rice were simply labeled ‘white death’. The negative connotation made it easier to avoid something I ate several times a week when I was growing up and knew weren’t the best choice. Now, a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) may have proven me right.

Potatoes are a staple around the world.

Wine Health Claims Are Bogus According To New Research

May 22 2017 - 8:29pm
Wine heart health

New claims about wine drinking are not going to make you happy. New research confirms the opposite to what we thought was true -- that drinking a glass of wine each night is healthy for your heart.

You may want to put that wine down for this news. Remember when people believed cigarettes were healthy, then years later discovered how disastrous they are to human health?

How to take care of your implantable medical device

May 5 2017 - 1:51pm
Implantable medical device

Whether you have a pacemaker or another type of implantable medical device, it is crucial to learn how to take care of it. Consider the following tips and information about these devices.

Implantable medical devices can range from pacemakers to defibrillators. They are often required to treat a medical condition or other problem.

Chronic Dehydration Spells Trouble For Diabetics Who Follow A High Protein, Low Carb Diet

Apr 20 2017 - 7:46pm
blood viscosity, dehydration diabetes

Thickened blood spells trouble for diabetics who are chronically dehydrated due to their recommended dietary habits. It's important to find ways to bring foods into the diet that are hydrating in order to avoid vascular, heart, kidney and liver conditions that complicate the disease.

3 Super Easy Ways Diabetics Can Eat More Fruit

Apr 19 2017 - 9:53am
diabetic fruit diet nutrition

Not surprisingly a vicious rumor has been spread that fruit is taboo for diabetics. This rumor has run rampant in the medical community because fruit has a tendency to raise blood sugar levels in diabetics for short periods of time. For this reason, diabetics needlessly suffer with a number of diet-related conditions that have come to be accepted as complications of the disease. Symptoms such as constipation, anxiety, GERD, indigestion, weight gain, kidney problems, eye issues and fatty liver have become part and parcel with being diabetic. Many, if not most of these accepted conditions are attributed to the physiological stress of eating the high protein, low carbohydrate diet suggested by many nutritionists and medical practitioners – but hey, the blood sugar is under control.

Astoundingly, diabetes affects more than 420 million people worldwide and more than 29 million people in the United States according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disea

Here Is Why Ketogenic Diets Are Disastrous for Diabetics

Apr 13 2017 - 7:06pm
ketogenic fatty liver diabetes

Keeping the body in a state of ketosis by eating a high fat, high protein, low carb diet may keep your weight low, but causes more problems than it solves for diabetics in the long run, according to new research.

A diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes often comes along with a diet recommended by your medical practitioner that can worsen your condition according to science.

Here Is Why Millet Is A Miracle Food For Diabetics

Apr 4 2017 - 7:42am
Millet Diabetes Blood sugar

Blood-sugar friendly grains can be a hot issue for diabetics. In searching for the ultimate glycemic-index-friendly food, many diabetics want to get the most bang for their buck without raising blood sugar levels. Now they can!

Since learning that two slices of wheat bread can raise blood sugar levels higher than a candy bar, many diabetics tend to avoid it.

What Really Causes Insomnia, Why It Leads To Heart Attack And Stroke And How to Avoid It

Apr 1 2017 - 2:11pm
Insomnia Heart Attack Stroke

Think there's no connection between insomnia and your lifestyle habits? Recent research sheds some light on how and why insomnia really occurs and how its linked to heart attacks and stroke.

The million dollar question has always been “What causes Insomnia?” In the search for answers, a recent study published in the Eur

First study shows how diabetes damages heart vessels and it is reversible

Mar 23 2017 - 11:25am
For the first time researchers understand how diabetes damages the heart. The good news is it is reversible.

Researchers have discovered for the first time how diabetes can cause heart damage. The finding is good news because scientists have also discovered the process is reversible.

Technical University of Munich (TUM) researchers used mouse models to confirm high blood sugar levels leads to a loss of protective cells know as pericytes.

e-Counseling on lifestyle is a dynamic way to help control blood pressure

Mar 20 2017 - 8:54pm
Online health care counseling

Researchers say that lifestyle intervention leads to a 10 point decrease in systolic blood pressure. Electronic counseling, or e-Counseling, offers a very good approach for this intervention.

In many instances a healthy lifestyle can help to significantly lower your blood pressure naturally without drugs.

Atherosclerosis risk linked to the Herpes virus. So, what can you do to keep your heart in shape?

Mar 18 2017 - 3:53am
Heart disease linked to re-activation of herpes virus. What can you do to keep your heart in shape?

In a meta - analysis of 17 studies, it was found that patients which carry Herpes virus type 1 and type 2 are at high risk of developing Atherosclesosis, which is a disease of the heart arteries characterized by the deposition of fatty material on their inner walls.

In another study on acute coronary syndrome, a disease resultant from the progression of atherosclerosis.

Guinness beer has some health benefits

Mar 17 2017 - 11:52pm

Guinness is a world famous Irish beer that is perhaps one of the most popular drinks in the world on St. Patrick’s Day. News that there are a considerable number of health benefits to Guinness has many beer drinkers feeling good.

St. Paddy's day is a day when a lot of people who aren't Irish feel like joining their Irish friends for some beer. This sounds like a terribly unhealthy thing to do.

The One Link Between Type 2 Diabetes and Vascular Disease That Can Reverse Both

Mar 17 2017 - 9:16pm
type 2 diabetes and vascular disease

Liver disease, type 2 diabetes and vascular disease all have one cause. The liver is the one common link between type 2 diabetes and vascular disease. Focus on healing the liver, and you can reverse all three diseases with natural treatments.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that comes with many symptoms; sudden weight loss, low blood sugar, dry mouth, frequent urination, sugar lows and highs, moodiness blurry vision, kidney failure and vas

Optimal nutrition is needed to prolong life with major diseases

Mar 9 2017 - 2:58pm
A healthy salad

Researchers say many deaths from diabetes, heart disease and stroke are associated with diet. It is therefore necessary for those afflicted with these conditions to have optimal nutrition to prolong their lives.

In spite of a growing understanding of just how essential good nutrition is to overall good health there remains many people who adhere to very poor dietary habits.