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Baby Boomers make up the majority of our population, making it important to find up to the date information about aging and how to stay healthy. Learn about common symptoms of memory loss with aging, Alzheimer's disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, menopause high blood pressure, cancer.weight management. Discover the latest news and information about healthy aging and disease prevention and treatment geared toward Baby Boomers.

Physician assistants could be the cure to doctor shortage

Physician assistants

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that there will be a shortage of 90,000 doctors by 2020. The combination of aging doctors who are getting closer to retirement and a higher demand for their services is creating a problem. However, physician assistants offer an alternative that can help the shortage.

Mediterranean diet just might keep our DNA younger

Could a Mediterranean diet keep our DNA healthier?

We all know we're going to grow older, but doing so gracefully is a challenge. Researchers have discovered eating a Mediterranean diet could have an anti-aging effect that happens at a cellular level. In a first study, scientists have discovered something new about why eating Mediterranean foods like olives, plenty of veggies, healthy oils, nuts, seafood and lean meats just might help keep our DNA younger and healthier.