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Baby Boomers make up the majority of our population, making it important to find up to the date information about aging and how to stay healthy. Learn about common symptoms of memory loss with aging, Alzheimer's disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, menopause high blood pressure, cancer.weight management. Discover the latest news and information about healthy aging and disease prevention and treatment geared toward Baby Boomers.

Staying Active With Age

The need for viable exercise avenues for seniors has never been greater. A full one third of seniors nationwide participate in no leisure time physical activity.Aging and Fitness

Jerry Hansen came to the UW Health Sports Medicine Center's Senior Health and Fitness Day hoping to reclaim the good exercise habits he lost in the past few years.

Hansen, 78 and a 52-year Madison resident, maintained a consistently active lifestyle before April, 2004, when his right hip had to be replaced.

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