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Baby Boomers make up the majority of our population, making it important to find up to the date information about aging and how to stay healthy. Learn about common symptoms of memory loss with aging, Alzheimer's disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, menopause high blood pressure, cancer.weight management. Discover the latest news and information about healthy aging and disease prevention and treatment geared toward Baby Boomers.

AOTA Joins Launch Of CarFit Program To Increase Safety For Senior Drivers

The American Occupational Therapy Association to create CarFit, the first program designed to ensure that older Americans have properly adjusted their vehicles to prevent death and reduce injury from air bag deployment and other hazards resulting from a car crash.

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Aging boosts chances that a family line will be long-lived

Scientists have puzzled over just why organisms evolved aging as a strategy, and now there appears to be an answer. Allowing one individual to carry all the cellular damage inflicted over time, rather than dividing it between two organisms during reproduction, increases the chances that the individual's line will continue to reproduce for many generations to come, a new study indicates.

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