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Recent Near Death Experience Stories From Cancer Patients

Jul 6 2017 - 5:23pm
Dying and heaven

"Since most people here have cancer and probably had some pretty close calls to passing, did anyone ever die for a few minutes and come back?" was the question asked in one of the Cancer groups on Facebook. "If you had a near death experience (NDE) what was it like?" continues the person who asked the question. The person said she heard few near death stories and is petrified of death. She also asked how other cancer patience handle the news if they are told that they have few months to live.

Here are some very interesting responses of near death experiences that I share below anonymously for the respect of the people's privacy.

Popular Heartburn Drugs Linked to Increased Risk of Early Death

Jul 5 2017 - 5:31pm
PPIs linked to early death

Heartburn—also known as acid reflux—is a very common complaint, usually considered to be relatively minor. If you are like most people, you have probably experienced this uncomfortable condition at one time during your life. Heartburn is the result of stomach acid seeping up into the esophagus, and can be triggered by a number of different things, including consumption of certain foods, obesity, pregnancy, or lying down immediately after eating.

What the science says about PPIs and risk of early death

Here’s How To Turn Back The Clock And Stop The Causes Of Aging Skin

Jul 1 2017 - 6:50am
Aging Oxidative Stress Skin health

What if those wrinkles you’re starting to see in the mirror aren’t related to your age but related to diet? To look younger longer, you have to ramp up your nutrition, since nutritional deficiencies and oxidative stress are one of the major causes of aging skin.

Plantar Fascia: The Foot Pain That's In Your Heel And In Your Head

Jun 7 2017 - 6:04pm
Plantar fasciitis, Epstein Barr Virus Neuropathy

Plantar fasciitis is commonly diagnosed foot pain that continues to baffle medical science, since there is no solid cause or natural treatment -- until now.

Approximately 10% of the population will suffer from plantar fasciitis in their lifetime, which means plantar fasciitis is quite common.The plantar fascia runs beneath your foot and is the flat ban

Here Is Why Silica Is The New Calcium

Jun 1 2017 - 8:29pm
Hair Skin Bones Teeth Calcium Silica Fountain Of Youth

Have you ever wished you could turn back time just a bit, and get the thickness back in your hair, the strength back in your bones, teeth and nails, regulate your insulin and get the glow back to your skin? Well you can, if you get more silica in your life. Silica is the new calcium and more!

Silica is the fountain of youth for hair, nails, bones and teeth. Silica is a bone-building, bone-protecting mineral that can improve bone density, and bone flexibility.

Sarcopenic Obesity - What it is and How you can avoid it

May 17 2017 - 4:14pm
Avoid Sarcopenic Obesity

Being healthy isn’t only about a number on the scale nor is it about falling into a certain range on a “healthy weight” chart. What you are on the inside – fat or fit – is much more important than the outward view.

Perhaps you have heard the term “Skinny Fat” to describe someone that researchers refer to as TOFI – Thin Outside, Fat Inside.

You Need To Be Concerned About Toxic Heavy Metal Exposure Especially If You Have This Virus

May 13 2017 - 3:07pm
toxic heavy metals, epstein barr virus mystery illness

Toxic heavy metals are presenting a problem in your body that you may not be aware of by a process known as oxidation, which causes accumulated metals in your organs to bleed. The result is 'mystery symptoms' that might not show up on blood tests as a particular disease, or be immediately apparent to your practitioner, but that can cause problems in your every day life. The good news is, you aren't crazy and there is a way out by adding some heavy-metal-accumulating superfoods into your diet.

When you think of heavy metal poisoning causes, it’s not likely you think of toxic heavy metals as being embedded in the tissues of your body, oxidizing and wreaking havoc, but that’s exactly what

When It Comes To Zinc Deficiency The Nose Knows Best

May 9 2017 - 9:14pm
Smell Taste Zinc Deficiency Diabetes

If you are finding you are losing your sense of taste and smell you may want to get more zinc in your life. Zinc deficiency is more common than you may think and causes many of the common symptoms you see today, from eczema and acne, to growth issues in children and stopping diarrhea. Zinc is effective is knocking back viruses such as colds and flu as well as bacteria such as streptococcus. Zinc deficiency treatment includes getting enough of the mineral naturally in your diet as well as targeted supplementation.

Your Sense of Smell Adjusts Quickly

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is Bad For You And The One Food That's Better

May 5 2017 - 4:57pm
apple cider vinegar, diabetes, honey, natural remedy

The so-called health benefits of apple cider vinegar are a lie, especially for diabetics, but there is one medicinal and natural food that is far better, not only for regulating blood sugar, but for boosting your immune system.

It is a widely held misbelief that apple cider vinegar is the cure-all for everything from acid reflux to weight loss. This is a misnomer of epic proportions.

Natural Treatments To Consider Before Having A Root Canal

Apr 29 2017 - 12:20pm
shingles root canal natural treatments

The Shingles virus is gaining recognition as a possible cause of jaw and tooth pain in many patients who are often misdiagnosed. As a result, these patients are receiving unnecessary dental treatments, but there are natural treatments you can try before opting for having a root canal.

Mouth pain is brutal, and fills you with anxiety, as well as dread and fear of having to endure dental procedures such as root canal or tooth extraction.

12 Foods that Improve Brain Aging and Diseases Like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Apr 20 2017 - 9:04pm
Aging woman

Drugs used for Alzheimer's treatment are not always safe, shows the research. This is why people are looking for alternative, including foods that can help with aging brain and benefits diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most prevalent degenerative disorder of the brain among elderly individuals. It is estimated that 5.5 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer's disease.

Cruise Ship vs Nursing Home, 9 Ways Cruise Ships Are Cheaper and Better Than Nursing Homes

Apr 20 2017 - 12:23pm
Cruise Ship Nursing Home

This is the story of one person who prefers cruise ship vs nursing home. She says it's cheaper to live on a cruise ship than in a nursing home. Alex Steblowsky reports.

About 2 years ago my wife and I were on a cruise through the western Mediterranean aboard a Princess ship.

Your Coffee May Be Masking A Serious Medical Condition And Here Is How To Reverse It

Mar 13 2017 - 11:27am
For many of us drinking coffee is how we make it through our hectic lives. This comes at a major cost to your adrenals and overall health.

Adrenal fatigue is a stress response that ages your body and wears it down over time. Drinking coffee masks and worsens this condition. Reverse adrenal fatigue and drink this coffee alternative to gain major health benefits.

In our day-to-day lives there’s a lot being thrown at us – our work/home life, raising children, our commutes, deaths, marriages, divorces – we are always fighting to cope with something.

There is hope for treatment of Alzheimer's with diet and probiotics

Feb 12 2017 - 7:50am

Researchers have found that bacteria in the gut may play a significant role in Alzheimer’s disease. This finding opens up new considerations for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's is a devastating type of dementia that leads to memory loss and loss of other intellectual abilities.

Good sleep is needed for good sex

Feb 2 2017 - 8:32am

Researchers say good sleep can lead to good sex. It has been confirmed by research that there is an association between decreased sexual function in postmenopausal women and shorter sleep durations with increased insomnia symptoms.

The frustrations of aging for women are manifold with concerns about appearance and agility of their bodies, the functioning of their minds and their sexual desires.

Fight Aging With Fitness: Scientists Found You'll Be Physically Younger If You Exercise Everyday

Jan 23 2017 - 3:42am
exercise, longevity, aging, telomeres, youth

Do you want to look younger and stay looking younger? The answer is exercise. Scientists in California found that keeping your fitness up is a secret fountain of youth.

California scientists studied 1500 females who were between 64 to 95 years old.

Your body ages with sitting and this is how it happens

Jan 18 2017 - 7:29pm
Sitting accelerates aging, study finds

Once again researchers warn us that sitting can accelerate aging by as much as eight years. A new study highlights what our body is really doing on a cellular level when we are sedentary.

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine looked at women who don't get much exercise and sit ten hours a day for their study. What they discovered is an eye-opener.

High Blood Pressure Deemed Worst Possible Condition for Brain

Oct 12 2016 - 3:55pm
high blood pressure and brain

Hypertension (high blood pressure) can have devastating health consequences if not treated, including increasing your chances of developing dementia.

The American Heart Association has made a bold statement about the hazards of uncontrolled high blood pressure, calling it “the worst possible thing for the brain,” as noted by Weill Cornell Medica