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Dental Care

Northern Ireland Reports Dental Earnings, Expenses

Aug 4 2009 - 12:54pm

The NHS Information Centre released details of the earnings and expenses of General Dental Services (GDS) dentists in Northern Ireland in 2007/08.

This is the first time that an overview of self-employed GDS dentists’ earnings and expenses has been produced for Northern Ireland.

Dentists’ pay varies widely depending on the type of dentist; Principals, the higher paid category of self-employed GDS dentists have an average taxable income of ?121,174, with Associate dentists, the lower paid category having an average taxable income of ?66,134.

Dental Insurance Covers Mercury Amalgams

Jul 29 2009 - 6:09pm
Mercury Amalgams

Recently the FDA released information about mercury amalgams for tooth fillings. The FDA stated that mercury amalgams were safe for adults and children aged 6 and older. The FDA put the amalgams in a Class II, meaning that they have moderate risk. However, it is important to understand that even though this came up from a Class I, which is low risk, the new classification allows the FDA to have some special controls. Many dentists still use the mercury amalgams and insurance companies love them because they are cheap, especially compared to alternatives.

Keep Illegal Teething Products Away From Children

Jul 29 2009 - 9:37am
Keep Illegal Teething Products Away From Children

In response to a reported case of potassium bromide poisoning in an infant, associated with the use of a locally purchased teething product called Monell's Teething Cordial or "Cordial de Monell para la Denticion," the Health Department is urging all parents to beware of the product and other illegal health remedies. Immediate effects from potassium bromide ingestion may include sedation, trouble breathing, low blood pressure and coma.