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Rounder Teeth Provide More Feminine, Youthful Appearance

Changing the size and shape of your teeth can significantly improve your smile as well as rejuvenate your overall appearance.Cosmetic dentist Denise Fundora, DDS of Beverly Hills, CA states, "Changing the size and shape of your teeth can significantly improve your smile as well as rejuvenate your overall appearance. Some of my patients say that a smile make-over is better than botox in restoring a youthful appearance."

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Study Demonstrates Increase In Absorption Of Oral B12

Emisphere Technologies announced that additional preclinical in vivo studies using dogs further demonstrate that its proprietary eligen technology enhances the absorption of oral B12. These data confirm in a second species Emisphere's earlier-reported proof of concept studies conducted in rats.

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Lock Lips, Not Braces This Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day, AAO sets the record straight on some of the biggest myths surrounding braces and orthodontic treatment. Currently more than four million children and one million adults in North America wear braces. Below are the answers to some of the most popular -- and strange -- questions AAO members have received from their patients during the past year:

If two people with braces kiss, can their braces become locked together?

With today's smaller sleeker braces it is extremely difficult - almost impossible -- to lock braces while kissing.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Continues To Surge

The cosmetic dental boom is showing no signs of slowing down. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) member dentists queried about their practice activity in the 2007 AACD State of Cosmetic Dentistry survey revealed that cosmetic dentistry-related revenue climbed to an average of $495,000 per practice. This projects to $2.75 billion across all 5,500 practices represented by the survey sample, a 15 percent increase over 2005.

Who is the typical cosmetic dental patient?

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Americans Prefer Root Canal Treatment By Endodontists

There may not be a more feared dental procedure than a root canal, but the key to ensuring a positive experience is choosing the right professional to perform the procedure. Painful root canal treatment is a thing of the past thanks to advances pioneered by endodontists, the root canal specialists. In a just released L.C. Williams & Associates poll, 89 percent of individuals who previously underwent a root canal by an endodontist would return to the specialist for future procedures.

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Pervasive-Powered Data Extraction - Competitive Advantage For Dentrix Dental Systems

Dentrix Dental Systems is increasing sales and gaining higher ROI with efficiency and repeatability in their data conversion processes with the implementation of Pervasive Data Integrator into DENTRIX and EasyDental software.

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Discussing Dental Services And Oral Health

The new arrangements for commissioning primary dental care services in the NHS have now been in place for some 18 months. The new contract has helped to stabilise the provision of NHS dental services and improved access for patients. Local Health Boards have been able to bring in new services if a dentist leaves or reduces their NHS commitment and have found little shortage of takers for new or expanded contracts when offered.

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Dental Hygienists Offer Health Tips For Weekend Warriors, Fitness Buffs

Weekend warriors and other fitness buffs take note: your need to pay as much attention to your oral health as your cardio and muscle-building regimens.

"People today are concerned about their total health, weight issues and being healthy, yet they forget to protect their teeth and the health of their mouth," said Jean Honny, president of the California Dental Hygienists' Association (CDHA). "Exercise and diet indeed affect total health."

According to CDHA, many health-conscious Californians are unaware of the oral health dangers from the sports drinks, gels and special diets they consume during races and various sporting activities.

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