March Issue of JADA Explores Saliva

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Periodontal disease

A University of Kentucky research study featured on the cover of the March issue of the Journal of American Dental Association could help change the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease.


The article, "Salivary Biomarkers of Existing Periodontal Disease," discusses the importance of saliva and its potential to be a diagnostic tool.

The study was conducted by a team of UK researchers to determine if saliva could be tested for signs of periodontal disease, a chronic bacterial infection affecting millions of Americans characterized by persistent inflammation, connective tissue breakdown and alveolar bone destruction. Results showed that saliva could be a significant component in diagnosing and monitoring periodontal disease.

"Our research team has been working on methods and point-of-care devices that could allow saliva to be used as a diagnostic fluid," said Craig Miller, primary investigator and professor of oral medicine at UK. "Our initial emphasis is on the identification of biomarkers in saliva that will allow us to diagnose periodontal disease.