If You Must - Tips to Drink Soda and Minimize Tooth Decay

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Tooth Decay

Drinking soda is bad for your teeth. Soft drinks can eat away the protective enamel on your teeth, causing tooth decay.

But if you can't pass up an occasional soda, the December issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter offers tips to help minimize soda-related damage to your teeth.

  • Use a straw when drinking soda. It may help by reducing the contact between your teeth and the beverage. Position the straw near the back of your mouth. One study indicates that a straw positioned near the front of the mouth can, over time, expose your front teeth to a significant amount of acid.


  • Don't brush your teeth right after drinking soda. You may damage the enamel, which is weakened by the acid in carbonated beverages.

  • Drink it down. If you sip sugar-sweetened drinks over a long period, you're increasing exposure to acid and the risk of damage leading to tooth decay.