Seattle Dentist's License Suspended For Over Prescribing

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A Seattle dentist’s license has been immediately suspended on allegations of improper prescribing.

The Dental Quality Assurance Commission issued the suspension of the license of Paul F. Genung (DE00003370). The action means Genung cannot practice dentistry pending the outcome of a hearing.


The charges say Genung prescribed excessive amounts of narcotics and depressants to a patient with a history of substance abuse, depression, and suicidal tendencies. According to the charges, large amounts of prescription medications put the patient at risk. Genung also failed to keep the required treatment and prescription records for this patient. In 2006 the commission entered an order against him for prescribing violations.

The charges are available online; click "Provider Credential Search" on the agency home page ( or call 360-236-4700.

The Dental Quality Assurance Commission protects and promotes public health, safety, and welfare in Washington by regulating the competency and quality of dentists. Rules, policies, and procedures developed by the commission promote quality health care delivery to state residents.