Accupal: Gum Injection Preparation Tool

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Accupal Dental Device

A new dental treatment tool by Accupal prepares your gum before the needle injection. Ordinary consumers don't need this dental treatment tool, but your dentist will love it.

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Accupal is effective because it incorporates 4 known and proven pain reducing events into one simple, economical, user friendly, disposable device.

1. Accupal energizes the Dental tissue in and around the area of tissue to be punctured by the needle (the pain gate) theory (Melnack and Walls) 1963-1965


2. Accupal's ultrasonic tissue stimulation disrupts the tissue injection site to allow standard topical gel to -pre-condition the injection site.

3. Accupal vibrates the needle AT THE TISSUE INJECTION SITE! This direct needle vibration iswell documented and has a proven pain reducing effect on injection comfort.

4. Accupal forces the operator / dentist to insert the needle bevel at its narrowest point so as to acclimate the tissue in a non invasive path to successful / pain free penetration. Furthermore, by this guided tissue entry less post op tissue "tearing" is seen as compared to traditional "guess, point and shoot" methods. Also by using a "tapping" motion the operator gains exceptional feedback ofthe needle entry event.

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