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iZap Case - A UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Against Germs

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iZap Case - A UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Frequent travelers will need to take extra care of the hygiene of their toothbrush. As toothbrushes are the common bleeding ground of germs and bacteria, but there a special toothbrush sanitizers such as this iZap Case - A UV Toothbrush Sanitizer. Some hotel bathrooms are not clean at all, where there are lots of germs flying around, that could easily stick on your toothbrush, if you simply leave it on the basin after use.

Some researchers from University of Virginia have got the proof that almost a third of the objects touched by hotel guests who had a cold would get contaminated with rhinovirus. These germs can linger for days, which the usual room service or cleaning of the hotel isn’t effective at all to get rid of them.

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Of course, you don’t wanna catch those viruses while you’re traveling, as it isn’t fun at all when you catch a flu or cold or more serious sickness in your trip. In order to stay away from the germs, it’s best to take extra care of your little toothbrush, so it won’t attract some germs by contact.

Here comes the iZap Case - A UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, which the name sounds like an accessory for the Apple iPod or iPhone. But, in fact, it’s a little case that holds your toothbrush and keeps it free from germs. The iZap Case - A UV Toothbrush Sanitizer case is not any ordinary case, it’s equipped with a special little bulb, called VIOlight Germicidal UV bulb, which emits UV light to kill those germs and bacteria that are sticking on your toothbrush. This little UV bulb is said capable of zapping away up to 99.9 percent of those cunning germs. Just leave your toothbrush in the iZap case after use, and be sure to have the lid closed, and it needs only six minutes to kill all the germs. And iZap will shut off its UV bulb automatically after killing all the germs in 6 minutes.

The iZap Case - A UV Toothbrush Sanitizercase is lightweight and portable, which is slightly bigger than a conventional toothbrush, and it can suit most electrical toothbrush heads as well as the standard ones. iZap needs two AAA batteries to light up its UV bulb. It carries a price tag of $20, and comes included with a a free toothbrush.

Written by TechChee via VioLight iZap