Mexico's Rio Dental Destination for Americans' Dental Health

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More Americans are traveling south, across the border to do dental work in Mexico. Since dental care is less expensive in Mexico, number of Americans are using services such as Rio Dental for their dental health.

While Dentistry in the United States has become very expensive for some patients, driven by malpractice insurance premiums and operating costs dental offices such as Rio Dental in Mexico are thriving due to American patient influx.


The mission of Rio Dental is to provide high quality dental care at a fraction of the cost for Americans. Our Juarez Mexico dental clinic borders El Paso, Texas, and is owned and run by Americans. We are proud to attract people from all over the United States who travel here for their dental work. We are a full service clinic and specialize in performing major work during a short visit at a fraction of the cost in the US. Our doctors are experienced and licensed in Mexico, and the specialists whom we call on to come to our clinic are among the most talented in town. We work with labs who do excellent dental work quickly and use high quality materials. We speak English and are dedicated to providing excellent service.

The owners of Rio Dental state, their objective is providing high quality dental care at low cost for Americans. The clinic is in Juarez, Mexico, which borders El Paso, Texas, a sister city. The owners are a dentist licensed in Mexico, trained in Mexcio who has also received implant training in the US, and her husband an American. Rio Dental attracts patients from all over the US and even abroad. People seeking treatment in Mexico find that Rio Dental is a full service dental clinic where you can get implants, crowns, veneers, dentures and more. The dentists are experienced, licensed in Mexico, and speak English.

About Rio Dental in Mexico

The clinic in Mexico is dedicated to treating American patients in a clean and modern environment. The dentists can perform a full compliment of dental procedures and permanent prosthetics such as crowns bridges and veneers are made in the US, of the best materials.


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