Scientists Examine Oral, Systemic Health Link

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Physicians and dentists will have a unique opportunity to discuss the link between oral health and overall health at a program on January 18 at the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS).


While scientists, health care providers, policymakers, and the public recognize oral health's importance to health and well-being, we have more to learn about oral disease management as part of healthcare.

"Our understanding of the link has increased rapidly in recent years, especially in regards to cardiac disease, renal disease, and during pregnancy," said Stacie Bloom, PhD, Life Sciences Director at NYAS. "However, care providers rarely have a chance to communicate about collaborative treatment options. We are thrilled to be working with the dental community for the first time on this health integration program."

The meeting, entitled From Basic Science to Clinical Practice and Policy: A Medical-Dental Dialogue on the Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Health, allows dentists and physicians to discuss prospective research and therapeutic options for periodontal disease and the systemic symptoms associated with this disease, and also to consider needed changes in policy and medical/dental education to improve related health delivery systems.

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