Cosmetic Dentistry Continues To Surge

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The cosmetic dental boom is showing no signs of slowing down. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) member dentists queried about their practice activity in the 2007 AACD State of Cosmetic Dentistry survey revealed that cosmetic dentistry-related revenue climbed to an average of $495,000 per practice. This projects to $2.75 billion across all 5,500 practices represented by the survey sample, a 15 percent increase over 2005.

Who is the typical cosmetic dental patient?

The total number of patients in 2006, projected to all 5,550 practices represented in the survey sample, is approximately 2.69 million. This represents a 12.8 percent increase over practice reports of patients in 2005. On average, about two-thirds of cosmetic dentistry patients were female (67 percent), while one-third were male (33 percent). Regarding distribution by age, the majority of patients (53 percent), on average, are between the ages of 41 and 60. About one in six (16 percent) are 30 or younger, and about one in ten (11 percent) are over 60.

What is the typical cosmetic dental practice?

US cosmetic dentistry practices are typically well established in their communities, having been in operation on average for 19 years. About half are located in suburban areas while the other half are about evenly split between urban areas and small towns.


Is cosmetic dentistry really booming?

The numbers speak for themselves. Practices responding to the survey report 485 patients on average, with 2.69 million total cosmetic dental patients in the U.S. This total represents a 12.8 percent increase over 2005. In 2007, respondents predict an additional increase of 10.9 percent.

In terms of total dentistry-related revenue, each practice generated on average $1.04 million in total dental revenue, projected to a $5.76 billion total for the 5,500 practices represented in this research.

For specific cosmetic dentistry related revenue: each practice generated on average $495,000, projected to $2.75 billion for the cosmetic procedures alone. This average practice revenue represents a 15.0 percent increase over 2005. In 2007, respondents predict an additional increase of 11.0 percent.

What are patients spending on cosmetic dentistry?

The mean amount spent by the average patient in 2006 was $5,640 and the median was $3,860. At the high end, 3 percent of practices indicated an average amount spent per patient of $20,000 or more. At the other extreme, 2 percent of practices reported average patient costs of less than $500. The most often indicated categories were $5,000 - $9,999 (23 percent) and $2,500 - $4,999 (22 percent).


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