Academy Of General Dentistry Focuses On Tooth Erosion

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Tooth Erosion

Academy of General Dentistry and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare will focus on developing and producing high-quality educational opportunities and materials for general dentists on the subjects of tooth wear and acid erosion.

In addition, programs will be developed that are aimed at increasing the understanding and management of oral health and the expectations of aging patients.


A recent survey of AGD members revealed that dentists think tooth erosion is more common today compared to five years ago and many respondents stated that consuming soft drinks, as well as other foods with a low pH value (such as fruit juices, pickles, fresh fruit and yogurt), contribute to tooth erosion. Tooth erosion is the breakdown of tooth structure caused by the effect of acid on the teeth. Dental enamel is the thin, outer layer of hard tissue that helps maintain the tooth's structure and shape while protecting it from decay.

"At GSK Consumer Healthcare, we are committed to working with the AGD to increase awareness and knowledge of these issues to ensure that information important to general dentists will be shared with a larger dental audience and a wider patient population," says Ronald L. Rupp, DMD, GSK Consumer Healthcare senior manager, professional relations. "As a leader in continuing dental education and an advocate for lifelong learning, we are pleased to support the AGD in bringing initiatives such as this one to its member dentists."

"GSK Consumer Healthcare, an industry leader in oral care shares the AGD's vision to create program content that will advance the value and excellence of general dentistry," says AGD President, Vincent C. Mayher, Jr., DMD, MAGD. "Many of our members go above and beyond basic licensure requirements in their state to keep their practice on the cutting edge, and we know this initiative will help us provide our members with even more access to new CDE options."

As part of this effort, the AGD featured an educational track related to these oral health issues during AGD2007SanDiego, the AGD's Annual Meeting & Exhibits, which took place June 27 - July 1, 2007. The courses were open and free of charge to registered meeting attendees. Dr. David Bartlett presented a program which provided attendees with an objective overview that increased their knowledge and awareness of acid erosion and its etiology, diagnosis and clinical management. In addition, Dr. Gregory Folse's program updated attendees about denture care and offered guidance on how to improve the quality of life issues faced by older patients.