A New Smile May Turn Back Time

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(NC) - Consider the power of a smile: It may happen in a flash but the memory of it somehow lasts a lifetime. Shouldn't an assessment of one's front teeth therefore, be where all modern makeovers begin?

Teeth are, after all, the true personality of a smile. So if we cover them due to imperfections, then no matter what we do to turn back the time with our skin, clothes, makeup and hair, we would still run a risk of getting lost in the crowd.

On the other hand, alongside the arrival of so many aesthetic treatments to combat aging, advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry are credited for delivering astonishing, life-changing effects. According to LVI, "a new and beautiful smile makeover can now be completed much more quickly than in the past - perhaps in just two or three visits - and even the most uneven smiles can be straightened without the need for unsightly, uncomfortable, and time-consuming metal braces."

Here is a sampling of what can be done for a better dental care:

  • Whitening of discolored or stained teeth

  • Straightening of crooked or overlapping teeth

  • Gaps closed

  • Chipped and worn teeth repaired


  • Missing teeth replaced

  • Lengthening, or shortening uneven teeth for a uniform appearance

  • Replacing unsightly metal fillings with natural or tooth-colored ones

  • Reduction or elimination of a "gummy" smile.

Located in Nevada, LVI is lauded internationally as a premier, post-graduate centre for cosmetic dentistry. LVI has trained thousands of dentists around the world and many are practicing in Canada. To find an LVI-trained dentist in your area, go to www.lvidocs.com click on the dentist locator, enter your province and then select from the list provided.


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