Counterfeit Toothpaste Found In Eight Baltimore Stores

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Toothpaste Warning

After locating counterfeit toothpaste in eight city stores, the Baltimore City Health Department is urging all city residents to check all Colgate toothpaste in their possession.

Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration issued a national warning that counterfeit Colgate toothpaste is being sold in discount stores and may contain small amounts of diethylene glycol, otherwise known as antifreeze. This toothpaste poses potential health risks and should not be used.

In response to this warning, the Baltimore City Health Department inspected 20 retail establishments and found the suspect products in eight stores.

"There is no question that counterfeit and potentially tainted toothpaste is here in Baltimore," said Olivia D. Farrow, Assistant Commissioner of Environmental Health.


The Health Department urges retailers and residents not to sell or use toothpaste marked as Colgate that has any one of the following characteristics:

(1) Marked as 100 ml or 5 oz in size. This size is not made or sold by Colgate in the United States.

(2) Marked as made in South Africa. Colgate does not manufacture toothpaste in South Africa.

(3) Marked with misspellings, including "shoild" for should, or "Coigate" for "Colgate" or "South Afrlca" for

"South Africa."

Stores selling counterfeit Colgate products included Dollar Discount on 5455 Reistertown Road, D.J. Liquidator at 3825 Bank Street, K & H Grocery at 1700 N. Fulton Avenue, Crazy Market at 1705 Pennsylvania Avenue, R & M Bargain store at 2223 East Monument Street, Beauty Point at 1725 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Easy Dollar at 2104 Belair Road.