Could a Dentist Alleviate My Migraines?

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(NC) - Advancements in neuromuscular dentistry can be credited for unprecedented relief for people suffering with headaches, migraines, chronic neck or shoulder pain, jaw pain, numbness in your arms, or clicking in the jaw.

These symptoms, from mild to severe, are ceaseless for many people in North America, because up until recently, the medical field could not always pinpoint the root cause. Now, relief for thousands is being documented in neuromuscular dentistry. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on this solution for relieving pain, answered by the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), the world's foremost, post-graduate, neuromuscular dental teaching centre:

Q: What is causing my tension headaches and migraines?

A: You may have a condition of the jaw joint, or a bad bite. A bad bite prevents your upper and lower teeth from coming together in the most comfortable way and one of the most common symptoms is a tension headache. Constant contraction of muscle fibres within the muscles creates tension. Unfortunately, these headaches can be so frequent or severe that they are often misdiagnosed and treated as migraines. You may be able to block the pain with medication, but the jaw misalignment, known as a bad bite, will persist.

Q: What will a neuromuscular dentist do?


A: A neuromuscular dentist will find the most relaxed and comfortable position for you teeth to come together. This optimal jaw position is determined by measuring the relaxed position of the head and neck muscles. A neuromuscular dentist will be able to assess if your "bad bite" can be causing your pain.

Q: How do I find a neuromuscular dentist where I live?

A: The world-renowned LVI dental teaching centre was established to educate, guide and support dentists in the delivery of the most advanced, patient-based care available. Graduates located in Canada are listed online at


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