Astra Tech Announce Partnership On Dental Implant Studies

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University of Iowa College of Dentistry officials and representatives from Astra Tech have announced a collaborative research partnership devoted to the science and application of dental implant technologies.

The five-year agreement between the UI and Astra Tech, a subsidiary of the AstraZeneca group and a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, will address basic and translational science and clinical issues regarding the design, technology and clinical use of dental implant therapy. The partnership will involve investigators from several UI colleges and research programs, focusing on nanoscience studies to improve bone and soft-tissue adhesion to medical devices, as well research to improve understanding of bone growth on implant surfaces.

"This is a great opportunity for collaboration on advanced technologies and clinical procedures combining the talents of our basic scientists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, and reconstructive prosthodontists with a leading research-based medical device manufacturer," said Clark Stanford, D.D.S., Ph.D., professor in the UI College of Dentistry and project director for the UI-Astra Tech partnership. "We view this as a unique means to provide opportunities in the area of education, training, and basic and clinical research for our students and junior faculty."


"Our relationship with the UI College of Dentistry goes back many years," said Peter Selley, president and CEO of the Sweden-based Astra Tech Group. "We have been impressed by the scientific work performed by Professor Stanford and his team, as well as by the professional integrity of the participating UI scientists and clinicians. Being a research-based company, this is exactly what we are looking for in a long-term cooperation with a partner in academia. We have great hopes that our now formally established partnership will generate results and ideas that will benefit both the dental profession and, ultimately, the patient."

"We are grateful for the partnership with the UI," reinforces Scott Root, president and CEO of Astra Tech North America. "This agreement further underlines our support of the College of Dentistry's overall vision and goals."

As part of the agreement, UI researchers will lead clinical trials involving new dental implant technologies. Training and continuing education activities addressing current issues in dental implant therapy also are planned.

Dental implants are surgically placed below the gums and fused to the jawbone to serve as a base for individual replacement teeth (crowns), dental bridges or dentures.