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Dental Hygienist Forced To Work Off The Clock: What To Do as an Hourly Employee

Dental Hygienist

For those dental hygienists that have to get off the clock when there's no patient, how do you find time to do other things that the office wants you to do when you always have to get off the clock? I mean do they expect for us to work off the clock? Can your employer make you or force you to work without pay?

What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You About Your Saliva

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True dental health is based more on what's inside your teeth than what's on them, but your dentist doesn't typically tell you that. Your dentist also doesn't discuss the importance of your saliva in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. The alkalinity of your saliva is the difference between healthy teeth and decay. Adjusting your salivia may result in far less dental visits and a brighter healthier smile.

No More Cavities with These Affordable Tooth Decay Hacks, Study Shows

Cost-saving hacks for cavity-free teeth

Going to the dentist is expensive. Too expensive for many. A new study designed to dramatically reduce tooth decay in high risk patients at a lower cost reveals that using these affordable tooth decay hacks at home can yield the same results as more costly prescription products and care.

Home Remedies For Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy And Beyond

bleeding gums GERD Silent Reflux

Home remedies for bleeding gums during pregnancy and after birth go far beyond oral care since drinking coffee, poor diet and gut health lead to GERD and silent reflux, which are robbing your gum health while you sleep. GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a very common disorder characterized by chronic heartburn, but a less common symptom, such as silent reflux, is associated with the condition.

Sage is effective in improving oral and dental health, reveal studies

Sage is effective in improving oral and dental health, reveal studies

Keeping your mouth and teeth clean is not important only for appearance sake, but it also paramount, because poor oral hygiene will lead to bacterial breading, which can travel through the bloodstream and cause a heart attack, according to the Oral Health Foundation. So, is there an effective natural way to improve oral and dental health? Scientists say there is, as sage plants are effective in improving oral and dental health.

Want to Get a Cleaning on the Go? You Might Just Be in Luck – Dental Mobile Clinics Might Be the Next Thing in Dental Care!

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There may be a new movement where dentists will start going mobile! At least that's what one dental group is doing now. Hopefully they'll start a trend that ends up with you being able to get a quick cleaning the same way you can get fast food at a drive-thru.

Teeth Brushing vs. Flossing - When To Brush and When To Floss

Tooth brushing vs tooth flossing

We have all been told by our dentists to brush and floss our teeth twice daily. However, it's easy to convince ourselves that flossing isn't necessary and brushing alone is sufficient. To floss or not to floss seems to always be the question! Is it really as beneficial as brushing? Which is better for our oral health?

Why Jamie Foxx Was Forced to See the Dentist After a Film Shoot and How You Can Avoid His Dental Condition

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In recent news, Jamie Foxx was forced to see the dentist after performing a stunt on the new TV show, “Sleepless.” Getting cracked teeth isn't limited to doing cinematic stunts. Here's what dentists want you to know.

Why Should This Natural Oral Hygiene Gift Idea Be Important On Your Christmas Gift List

Dr. Sharp Oral Hygiene Gifts

Millions of people will be shopping this holiday season, going to parties, decorating their homes, and even making plans for the new year that will be here before they know it. One thing most people probably won’t give much thought to, but should, is their teeth. The holiday season can be a difficult time for one’s teeth, due to the increased stress levels and overload of sweets being consumed, but it can also be a perfect time for choosing an oral hygiene renewal.