Lemon Iced Tea Granita

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Granita (also called Italian water ice) is a frozen dessert that consists of shaved ice, sugar and juice or other flavours. Frequently, it is sold from street stands and is an inexpensive treat.

Ingredients: 2 cans (355-ml) Lipton or other Lemon Iced Tea

Method of preparing this tea

Pour tea into two shallow pans (13" x 9" x 2")/(33cm x 23cm x 5cm).

Place pans with the tea in freezer.


Stir with a large fork or strong whisk every half an hour until entirely crystallized, typically about 2 hours.

The texture should resemble that of snow.

Pour gently into chilled storage containers in the freezer, quickly so it doesn't melt, and scoop out some on a hot summer's day and share with your friends.

The Lipton Iced Tea Granita may be made two days in advance and kept covered and frozen.

Scrape the granita with a fork to lighten the texture.

Serves 2 people as a dessert or 6 people as a refresher.

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