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Sipping Tea For Beauty

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A creative Boston company develops a brand new category in the beauty market. Meet the "Look Good Beauty Tea" a.k.a. Sipping Beauty. It's the first and only beauty tea line, ready to hit store shelves! It's changing the world of beauty, sip by sip.

The tea that makes you look good - Sipping Beauty - hits the U.S. market in August 2007. Sipping Beauty is the first line of specifically designed beauty tea. The line packs six types of delicious blends that can be brewed for hot or iced enjoyment, with ingredients clinically proven to carry significant beauty and wellness benefits.

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Tea Consumers Demand Specialty Blends

Specialty Teas are in great demand due to consumers' growing preference for sophisticated beverages. In response to this demand, Sipping Beauty has created a high-quality tea line that focuses on various beauty needs. Tea benefits include: keeping skin looking young and getting a full night of beauty sleep. Other selections in the line help with complexion, detoxification, weight management and even a tea formula that keeps breath smelling fresh.

Not Just Tea

Sipping Beauty is more than a beauty tea; it's a beauty lifestyle. Consumers can take part in the interactive "Doll Club" through Sipping Beauty's website, blog, and newsletter - The Sip. Sipping Beauty will also nationally launch ParTeas, events designed to bring the beauty experience to a whole new level.