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Tea Benefits

Three Homemade Detox Tea recipes for Weight Loss That Work

homemade detox tea recipes for weight loss

Homemade detox tea recipes are easy to make, and they have the added benefit of losing weight. Weight loss is not rocket science, as it logically involves eating less, eating healthier and boosting daily exercise. You can however, start slowly getting into your own weight loss program by introducing fruits and herbs that will cleanse your liver gently and help you shed that extra weight.

The Cure for Fire: How Tea Can Heal You

curing burned wound

In Ancient China, they called tea, “[that which] is cold and lowers fire.” Inflammation was known as “fire” in China, which is understandable given inflammation's symptoms (feeling of heat, redness, and etc.) But the Ancient Chinese knew tea heals your body in many more ways – here's a bit about the health benefits of tea and what scientists have found.