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Drink Recipes

Quench Your Summer Thirst With Fiber Lemonade

Metamucil announced a new and refreshing way to help Americans beautify their insides this summer with the addition of Pink Lemonade flavored powder to its number one fiber supplement lineup. Pink Lemonade joins Berry Burst and Orange flavors in the Metamucil family, and like all Metamucil products, contains 100 percent fiber from psyllium husk making it a delicious way to help lower your cholesterol and beautify your insides.

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DRINKtionary is The Dictionary of Cocktail Recipes

DRINKtionary is the dictionary of cocktail recipes, a virtual big yellow book of adult beverages! Compiled by The Drink Doctor, Elmo Strutter, this bartending guide contains over 6,000 recipes - from classics like Manhattans and Martinis to Cocktails A-Z with names like A Day at the Beach to Zuzu's Petals. Now in its second printing, with 4,000 copies sold, DRINKtionary is the bartenders' savior, the party planners' secret weapon and the gift givers' perfect gift.

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Enjoy The Sunny Aroma of Armenian Wine

It is known that drinking moderate amounts of wine may have number of health benefits. Wines come from various cultures and traditions. While, according to the Bible, the wine making tradition was started in Armenia by Noah, the Armenian wines are not as known as the tradition of Noah.

There are lots of legends about the origin of wine, and practically each winemaking region has its own beautiful story.

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